Argentina Hunting

Argentina HuntingArgentina is a vast and sparsely populated country offering Sportsmen a wide variety of climates, terrain and activities, including some of the best Hunting around. Over one third of its 40 million people live in the distinctively European capital city of Buenos Aires. It offers fine dining, nightlife and plenty of shopping. The climate is very temperate and the seasons are the reverse of ours, since it's south of the equator. The people are very friendly and pro-American; most being of European descent. Spanish is the native language, but English is spoken by many.

The land itself is rich with wildlife and game birds throughout! There are over two million square miles varying from jungles and marshes in the Northeast, vineyards in the Northwest, plains of the Pampas and Patagonia, forests, lakes and rugged mountains of the Andes in the West, agricultural and ranching areas in the East and Central, and finally the cold sub-arctic of the South - continuing to Antarctica.

The Fishing and Big Game Hunting are outstanding, but the Wingshooting is unsurpassed! An Argentina Hunting adventure should be at the top of every serious Wingshooters' list. It's "the Promised Land" and "the Good Life" all in one trip! You will leave with great memories and new found friendships. You may not want to come home! You will return!

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