Argentina Goose Hunting



Argentina Goose HuntingBig Magellan and Ashey-Headed Geese are available for gunning beginning in March as they leave the nesting grounds in the far south, but the best time is from May to August when they reach the end of their migration. Both species are extremely abundant and decoy readily. Experience the thrill as they set their wings on the way to your decoys! They come in like they're on a string!

We shoot Geese in their wintering areas of Southern Buenos Aires Province, north and northwest of the seaport city of Bahia Blanca. Geese here are classified as pests because of the severe damage they do to the crops of winter wheat. Farmers often drive them from their fields with small planes to save the crops! So hunters are welcome.

Hunting is from 'pit/layout' blinds surrounded by decoys in cut sunflower or wheat fields. Geese are typically only hunted in the mornings, and Ducks or Perdiz in the afternoons. There are also some Doves and Pigeons in the area for a change of pace.

It's great shooting and provides absolutely incredible volume; you won't believe their numbers!


Your adventure starts with an evening flight from Miami (or LAX for west coast clients). You fly direct to Buenos Aires where you're met on arrival by your English speaking Host and assisted through customs. You'll have some time for a great lunch in BA before catching your afternoon flight to Bahia Blanca. You'll be met by your outfitter in Bahia Blanca and driven to your estancia in the hunt area. The staff will be waiting for you with appetizers & drinks. You'll settle in, have a great dinner and prepare for the morning hunt.

You'll start the next morning with a breakfast of your choice and head for the Goose fields. At first light, Geese will hone in on your decoys emitting their unusual calls. It's an experience you'll never forget! Flocks small and large will continue to flood in for several hours. By mid-morning it's time for a break, a gourmet lunch and the afternoon hunt. Afternoons are spent hunting Ducks or Perdiz over pointing dogs; at your option. There is also some shooting available for Doves and Pigeons in the same area. Typically Geese are only hunted in the mornings and other game in the afternoons.

Following the afternoon hunt, it's back to your estancia for appetizers, drinks and a gourmet dinner with superb wines and dessert; then it's off to bed. You'll be up early to prepare for the next day's hunting. So continues your trip for four full days of shooting.

Your 6th day in Argentina reducing the bird population and enjoying the food & hospitality is unfortunately your departure day. You'll depart your estancia in the morning for Buenos Aires. Here you'll have some time for lunch and some shopping and sightseeing before catching the evening flight back to the States. You'll arrive in the US the following morning, thinking about the friends you just left and preparing for next year's adventure in Wingshooters' Paradise.

Enjoy an Argentina Goose Hunting adventure!