Argentina Pigeon Hunting

Once You've Hunted Pigeons, You'll Be Hooked!

Don't turn up your nose - they are tough and challenging targets!

Argentina Pigeon HuntingThe most plentiful species are Picazuro, Manchada and Casera. Like the "Eared Dove", Argentine Pigeons are also classified as pests with no season or bag limit in many areas. They're often poisoned to reduce their numbers. We do self limit our shooting in some areas to maintain a great experience, since, unlike Doves, Argentina Pigeons only nest once per year.

"It's like shooting Ducks on dry land - with bigger bags!"

We normally combine a couple days of Argentina Pigeon Hunting with Dove shoots. We also shoot them on a limited basis in conjunction with Duck and Goose hunts in several areas of the country. Strangely enough, if you find lots of Pigeons in a field, you'll normally find very few Doves. The shooting areas are crop lands of wheat, corn, soybeans, sorghum and sunflowers; as well as alfalfa fields, olive groves and feed lots. Frequently the birds will decimate olive & alfalfa crops! We shoot in several different areas of Cordoba Province, as well as in Santiago del Estero, San Luis and Buenos Aires Provinces.

Pigeons normally decoy extremely well. Early morning shooting often starts slow, but from mid-morning until late afternoon, it's fantastic. Combine them with Doves, & you've got a trip you'll want to do again. Expect to shoot about 500+ rounds per day on Pigeon hunts.

You Can Book the “Typical Trip” - Dove & Pigeon Combo or “Design Your Own”

Your adventure starts with an evening flight from Miami (or LAX for west coast clients). Departures are daily. You pick your dates and set your schedule. You fly non-stop to Buenos Aires or Santiago, Chile; where you change planes for the one hour flight to Cordoba, Argentina where you'll meet your Host, clear customs, have your first great lunch in Argentina, and start shooting Doves that afternoon. You'll shoot 'til you decide to quit for the day and head for the lodge to enjoy drinks, appetizers & a great dinner accompanied by tall tales of the day's events.

You'll start the next morning with a breakfast of your choice and head for the Dove fields or flyways, depending on the time of year. The shooting is fast and furious, punctuated by a gourmet lunch and perhaps a siesta. Then it's back to the fields for some more shooting until you decide to head back for dinner & drinks. The next day you'll shoot only in the morning and change areas after lunch.

Where you go depends on the best concentration of birds, time of year and your desires. In several areas, we shoot both Doves & Pigeons in the same general vicinity, but not the same fields. You'll arrive at your estancia and settle in, preparing for tomorrow's shooting. You'll have two full days of fantastic Pigeon shooting, punctuated by great lunches in the field. Dinner, drinks, appetizers and tall tales follow the day's shooting.

Your 6th day in Argentina reducing the bird population and enjoying the food & hospitality is unfortunately your departure day. You'll sleep in, do a little sightseeing and head for the airport and your flight back home.

You'll fly from Cordoba to Santiago or Buenos Aires, change planes and be back in Miami the following morning. Likely, you're already planning your next trip to reduce the bird population and enjoy the warm hospitality, great food & fantastic shooting.