Greetings Chuck.
We had a great trip! The lodge was great and they bent over backwards for all of us. We will be going back again next year just a little bit earlier. I am thinking first week of May 2013. This will be for at least 6 people. Please let me know what I need to do to lock in time for next year. Same place same outfitter. Thanks for all of your help. Once again Outdoor Sports has exceeded all expectations.

Mark Kresser
President & CEO
Taurus International Mfg., Inc.

photo10Dear Chuck:

Although I had a brief conversation with you when we arrived back in Miami last Saturday, I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how great everything was. When Scott & I checked your references before booking the trip with you, they all said the same thing, i.e., ‘Everything will be just as Chuck told you, with no surprises!’ They were right.

As promised: all airline reservations were in order; we were met at the BA airport and escorted through the firearms office with all paperwork in order; we were transported to the other airport and helped with check-in there; we were met at Bahia Blanca and transported to the Lodge; the accommodations at the Lodge were great, with our own housekeeper and cook; the food and wine at the Lodge were excellent; our drivers and guides were helpful; the hunting was good; we were met on the return and transported to a very nice hotel (also very well located); our tour guide appeared on time and was quite experienced; we were transported to the BA airport and again escorted through the firearm process.

Best of all, all of your the people in Argentina were most pleasant and helpful, with no hint of resentment. In fact, they wanted to do everything for us. A tip of my hat to you, Ariel, Marcello and the entire Argentina gang. You may feel free to use me as a reference or to use this correspondence as you see fit.

I am attaching a few pictures, mostly of the boys (age 17 & 18) that you are also free to use if you wish.

Harold G. Walter

photo7Over the years, Outdoor Sports and Chuck Stankey have delivered to my friends and me the Super Bowl of Wingshooting, plus outstanding facilities and amenities.”
Tom Lauderback, Sr. | Alameda, California

“I first met Chuck Stankey and Outdoor Sports over ten years ago when my buddies and I were looking for a new outfitter in Mexico. Chuck arranged a trip to Tamaulipas for us. We’ve been with him ever since, going back to Mexico every November and January; and several times to Argentina. Chuck is honest, reliable and thoroughly knowledgeable in his field. A big ‘Thumbs Up’ for Outdoor Sports Consultants.”
Dr. Fred Sanders | San Diego, California

Keith CarpenterMy wife and I have booked trips with Outdoor Sports Consultants for the last fifteen years, taking multiple trips to Mexico and Argentina each year. Mexico’s Quail hunting is the best I’ve ever experienced, with great waterfowl hunting as a bonus. We just returned from an 11-day hunt in Argentina. The Dove hunting in Cordoba is unbelievable, and the Bahia Blanca area has probably the best Duck and Goose hunting in the world. We are already planning our next two trips.

Keith Carpenter

Scott S. JenningsThanks for an excellent set up. The hunt was top quality. A bird shooter's dream. I shot 4818 doves with 6725 shells during 8 sessions. All the staff were great. The food was excellent. Ran into some friends of friends. I will definitely repeat. I'm thinking about a Red Stag hunt next year. Will contact you closer to the time. Thanks again for the great setup. You can use me as a reference if you ever need to.

Scott S. Jennings

George ConradI've hunted South America twice on Outdoor Sports trips and would recommend them to anyone. President Chuck Stankey provides a quality hunt personally tailored to individual tastes, and clients get what's promised. I can't stress how important that is to the traveling hunter.

George Conrad | Editor, Sporting Clays Magazine

John MeeksWhen I finally decided to take the long dreamed of trip, I started checking ads in magazines and asking friends where to go. Outdoor Sports was recommended several times, so I made the call. That was years ago. Since then they've arranged several trips per year for me (and my wife, son & father as well). They've always provided consistently good trips, and some great ones! Their attention to detail leaves me with no worries other than packing and shooting straight.

John Meeks | Savannah, Georgia


The shooting was unbelievable on our recent trip to Argentina. I have tried to explain the amount of birds to my hunting friends since I have returned, but until you have seen (and shot) it for yourself you cannot begin to understand. 13 hunters, 3 1/2 days, 30,717 - that says it all! Of that we had 6 hunters kill over 1,000 birds in 1 day and 3 of those shot over 1,000 more than 1 day.

We did not hunt last morning was raining - went into Cordoba and went shopping. Ramiro was our interpreter and guide. He could not have been a better host. Please relay our entire group's overwhelming pleasure in Ramiro. Our next trip will be ducks, pigeons and fishing.

Brent L. | Texas


Thanks for 2 spectacular hunts, so far. Having hunted dove in central Texas for 45 years, nothing compares to the non-stop shooting in Cordoba.

Your arrangements on this end and the coordination of the staff in Cordoba were flawless. The staff of guides, birdboys, and house staff, made the whole trip very memorable, with unbelievable shooting, massive amounts of great food, and great Argentine wine and Brahma beer.

My son, Cole and I shot over 1,000 birds each in one day on both trips. God bless Benelli's!!!!

I can't recall how many people have asked about our experience, but its been A LOT. I really enjoy the look on peoples faces when we tell them that its not hard to shoot 1,000 per day. On our last trip 18 of us dropped over 25,000 birds and 6 of the 18 had never hunted dove before.

Thank you for some great times I won't ever forget. Arranging our next trip now.

Gil Parks, CFP

We had a great trip to Argentina! Having been a mfg. rep in the hunting and fishing industry for a number of years, I have had the pleasure of taking many interesting and successful trips. I can say without reservation that this was the best. The accommodations, the food, the staff, and of course the hunting were absolutely first class. It was so much fun that I am currently organizing the next trip. Thanks for everything!

Neil McKinney

I just booked my tenth trip with Chuck Stankey and Outdoor Sports. Chuck is the only outfitter I've used who always delivers more than expected. His trips are always what he says. Everything goes off flawlessly and the hunting is great. When I book my eleventh trip, it will be with Chuck...I could go hunting with anyone, but love going with a winner. Chuck + Outdoor Sports = Fantastic Hunting!!

Jim Huson | Little Rock, Arkansas

photo5My expectations were far surpassed on my trips to both Mexico and Argentina. It just doesn't get any better!

Larry Gilbert | South Carolina


photo6I just wanted to let you know how much Jay and I enjoyed our recent trip to Cordoba, Buenos Aires, and Bahia Blanca. The accommodations and food were excellent, not to mention the shooting. We're looking forward to returning next July.

Denton Lindsay | South Carolina

photo8Until my recent trip to Argentina, I thought all the last great wingshooting was gone forever. I was very wrong! The combination hunt of ducks, geese, pigeons, doves and perdiz exceeded anything I've ever seen in my life. Each trip you arrange for me seems to get better.

Jay Potter

photo9Chuck, we had a wonderful trip to Argentina - could not have been better. Enclosed is a picture of by bird boy - 'Angel'. Please send it down to him. Thanks for all your help. We plan to go back.

Charlie Brown

argentina2007123I can’t tell you how much fun my kids and I had in Argentina!! It is the greatest feeling in the world as a father to have a successful trip of a lifetime with my 2 sons. And it was absolutely great in everyway!! I have a ton of pictures; I took over 300 so I have some great ones. My favorite is the one of Josh and Jeremy on the last afternoon duck shoot; I printed it in 5x7 and keep it in my truck. Will narrow it down and send you some.  Look forward to doing it again!

Buck Owens

argentina2007189The trip to Argentina was awful....my wallet is empty and my shoulder hurts 🙂 Seriously, It was fantastic. The lodge was a bit more rustic than I imagined, but the service was great and the shooting was fabulous! It truly is in the middle of nowhere. Other than my oldest uncle pouting about no longer being the "top gun" everything was great. And we are all now members of the 1000 Dove Club. Thanks for a great trip.

Tim Price | Georgia