Argentina Duck Hunting

Don't Miss "Summertime" Duck Hunting in Argentina

Argentina Duck HuntingArgentina's lakes, marshes and rivers are home to over 30 species of ducks, all completely different from North American species. They're such a "nuisance" that they're still poisoned in the rice fields. Hunters normally take 10-12 different species on a trip including Rosy-billed Pochard, White-cheeked and Brown Pintals, Southern Widgeon, Silver, Speckled, Ringed and Cinnamon Teal and a variety of Tree Ducks. Hunters normally shoot 3-4+ boxes per session.

We can schedule pure Argentina Duck hunts if you like, but most clients prefer to combine them with other species; usually with our fantastic Argentina Dove hunting in Cordoba Province or some of everything in Buenos Aires Province - Doves, Ducks, Geese, Pigeons & Perdiz. Argentina Duck hunting is available year-round in some areas of the country, but we shoot them from April to mid-September in several different areas. We shoot in Santa Fe Province where there's also some limited Perdiz shooting and fishing for Dorado, if you get tired of the Ducks. Here you're shooting in the rice fields or river delta's, depending on the time of year.  The hunting in Santiago del Estero Province can be combined at times with some Perdiz, and fantastic Dove & Pigeon shooting.

There are limits in most areas, but not in Buenos Aires Province.

You Can Book the “Typical Trip” or “Design Your Own”

Each itinerary is design specifically for your desires and timetable. The following is a "pure Argentina Duck Hunting" itinerary for Santa Fe or Santiago del Estero Province. The shooting may include some Doves, Pigeons or Perdiz, depending on time of year & area.

Your adventure starts with an evening flight from Miami (or LAX for west coast clients). You fly non-stop to Santiago or Buenos Aires, Chile; where you change planes for the one hour flight to Cordoba, Argentina where you're met by your host, clear customs, have your first great lunch in Argentina, and drive to your estancia. You'll arrive that afternoon, have a great dinner and settle in to start shooting the next morning. Itineraries include ground transfers to the hunting area(s). If you prefer, air charters are available at an additional cost.

You'll start the next morning with a breakfast of your choice and head for your Duck blind and decoy spread where your guide/caller is waiting. The shooting is fast and furious, punctuated by a gourmet lunch and perhaps a siesta. Then it's back for the afternoon shoot, until you decide to head back for dinner & drinks. The next three (3) days you'll do it all over again.

You may decide to try some Perdiz or Pigeon shooting one day in place of a Duck hunt; or even try some fishing for Fresh Water Dorado for a change of pace.

Your 6th day in Argentina reducing the bird population and enjoying the food & hospitality is unfortunately your departure day. You'll have a big breakfast and start the drive (or charter flight) back to Cordoba to catch a late afternoon flight back to Miami. You may have a little time for some sightseeing in Cordoba. You'll fly from Cordoba to Santiago, change planes and be back in Miami the following morning. Likely, you're already planning your next Argentina Duck Hunting trip where you will once again enjoy the warm hospitality, great food & fantastic shooting.