Mexico Duck Hunting


Mexico Duck HuntingThe Mexico Duck hunting is super and the limits are liberal. Species include Blue Winged, Green Winged and Cinnamon Teal, Widgeon, Pintails, Redheads, Gadwall, Mexican Mallards, Scaup (Bluebills), Buffleheads, Canvasback, and some Tree Ducks and the ever-present Shovelers. The area is THE wintering area for ten of thousands of Ducks and 90+% of the Redheads in North America. It’s legendary Duck Hunting!

Hunting is over decoys on managed freshwater ponds or inlets into the Famed Laguna Madre and Gulf of Mexico. Airboats are used on occasion to keep the birds flying when shooting some of our huge marshes. Hunters typically average 4+ boxes per shoot at Ducks, which are normally hunted only in the mornings to insure good shooting throughout the season. If the weather is changing, we may shoot them all day. Afternoons are reserved for shooting Doves or chasing the huge population of Quail in the Valley.

Mexico duck hunting seasons are late October to late February

You’ll start the morning with an early breakfast so you’re in your blind before sun-up. Your bird boy is waiting for you at a pre-scouted location and will have your decoy spread set when you arrive. Shooting continues until mid to late morning when the birds stop flying. Then it’s time for a cold one and head to the lodge for lunch.

Mexico Duck Hunting