Mexico Dove Hunting


Mexico Dove HuntingMexico's famed San Fernando Valley south of Brownsville is The place to be in early fall to warm up your gun barrel! Remember, this is the Whitewing Capital of the World!

Whitewings arrive in the early Spring and nest in the surrounding area. They stay until November when they head to Central America where they winter. There are tens of thousands of Whitewings plus Mourning Doves providing nearly constant targets. Fields are scouted daily to insure good shooting and hunters will average 15-20+ boxes per hunt in the early season – into November. The temperatures are hot – but so are your gun barrels! Mourning Doves are resident in the area and migrate from the US to winter there.

Seasons open in mid-August and Mourning Dove continues to late February.

You’ll start out your morning with a great breakfast and head for the fields where the birds are waiting. Your bird boy has your shooting stand ready with cold drinks and plenty of shells. Shooting is hot and heavy until late morning when the temperatures warm. When the birds quit flying, it’s time to head for the lodge where a cold margarita or cervesa is waiting; and take a dip in the pool. Shortly it’s time for a great lunch and perhaps a siesta before the afternoon shoot. Cold drinks are always in the field.

You’ll head out for the afternoon shoot about 3-4PM and shoot until the birds stop feeding shortly before dark. It’s back to the lodge for some cold beverages and a dip in the pool or a shower before dinner & drinks. Soon it’s time to retire for the evening after swapping tall tales with fellow hunters so you can rest up to do it all over again in the morning.